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Welcome to Clad in Iron

We are a group of friends on the US Pacific Coast looking for experienced and new gamers alike for our new guild on the Gates of Madness server in the up coming Guild Wars 2. If you are looking for a place to have fun and experience end game content, help eachother complete challenges, or even just a place to hang out and chat while you are out and about, Clad in Iron will always welcome you.

Scheduled group events

When the game is released and we all start reaching the level cap we will begin scheduling weekly guild events that you can sign up for via the website and ingame if such a feature exists in the game. We will be attempting bosses, doing dungeons, world challenges, and many other activities as a guild. These events will most likley be occuring sometime between 6pm to 9pm PST 2-3 days a week, those days will be decided on once the game actualy comes out. If this timeframe is appealing to you we welcome you to apply.
(see bellow for more details on recruitment)


There is only one rule, and that is to treat others with respect. We aren't runing a military school here and we want people to be able to be themselves while they are in the guild but at the same time we are not going to tolerate harrassment. The goal is to have fun, so keep it fun.


We are currently recruiting all professions and social, casual, and committed players for when the game comes out. If you are interested in applying please visit our website which is listed at the bottom of this post and visit the Recruitment Forum and follow the directions. There you will find a short application you can fill out that will give us a little back story on you. Note that your answers on this application will not directly affect your entry into the guild but are rather intended to give us some info on who we are inviting.

Guild News

Recruitment now open!

Hagbag the Magler, Aug 20, 12 10:21 PM.
Recruitment has now started for Clad in Iron. If you are interested please visit the forum and fill out an application.
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